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This is a Gay, Pagan, and Fat friendly site.

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I don't believe you know me, although you know my name. I don't believe the faults I have, are only mine to blame. I don't believe that magic, is only in the mind. I don't believe I'd love somebody just to pass the time.

I Believe In You" by Kylie Minogue

Hi, my name is Kristopher Michaels. Some of you may know me, some of you may have heard of me and some of you........ Well most of you, probably donít know who I am or even give a damn.  However, if you check out this site you will learn about me or

perhaps re-learn about me. No matter the case; feel free to look around and I hope you will have some fun doing so, if you donít I sorry, I did my best.

 I am happy to say I have moved to Rancho Cordova, CA. Into a great apt on May 1st, 2008. Rancho is a small town next to Sacramento, CA.

You can learn more about me from my Bio-Page and My Chubby Blog page, but for now, I guess what I can say is I am a happily single, chubby, gay, Pagan, guy who used to model for a magazine called The Big

Ad. I then moved into acting from there. No porno... well not yet anyway (Evil Grin) but legit stuff like Theatre and one TV spot, for now.

 I hope that you will feel free to contact me with your feedback.  I am also always looking for friends, friends are great and we can all use one or two more, donít ya think?

I am not looking for a partner! Been there, done that, over it! HAHA. However some play time is always welcomed, if you know what I mean?! If you donít, drop me a note and I will explain.... or show you  <Evil Smile>

 OK, now go and see more of me on this site then you could have ever wanted too <big smile>

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