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Kristopher Demi Michaels

E-mail Click Here (Other contact info upon request)

Physical Characteristics:

Age: 45

Hair: Brown with Gray. Willing to shave, color or bleach hair for role.

Eyes: Brown. Can wear colored contacts.

Height: 5 foot 7 tall

Weight: 395 Lbs (measurements upon request)

Location: Sacramento, CA.


  • The Oblivious Man: (TV Commercial) I was the man hit with bottle & a person on Street. I did all my own stunt work.
  • Duet between a Dog and a Bear: (Musical Satire) Lead Actor (video available)
  • Bright Shining Moments: (Stage Manager) Extra.
  • Bremerton Players: (Improvisational Group) Skits.
  • The Big Ad: (Model í93-í95) Cover Model 1995.
  • Childrenís Theater: (Musical Comedy) Skits.


Olympic College/ Theatre Department/ Bremerton, WA.

  • Acting 101,102.
  • Ad Lib
  • Voice/Speech Projection
  • Yoga and warm-ups
  • Theatre Production

North Shore Community College/ Beverly/Danver, MA.

  • Character Development
  • Acting 103, 104
  • Ad Lib
  • Voice
  • Singing (only for stage so far.)
  • Stage Manager

Special Skills

  • Cartoon Voices, Voice-overs, and Accents
  • Stunt Work
  • Web Design Manager (info upon request)
  • Medical Technician

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